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Hi Bassie and Mendy,
I want to than you for always making my Shabbos's in Halifax so welcoming and warm-just like being at home.  The atmosphere you both wor to provide is lovely and I always appreciated coming.  I have moved back to Montreal and will be finishing my degree at McGill.  I just wanted to thank you for the great work you both do.

I will miss it!
Shana Tova,


Hi Rabbi & Bassie,

While I am no longer in Halifax anymore, it always warms my heart to receive your Rosh Hashana invitiations. I always strongly valued the opportunities that Chabad provided to continue the Jewish traditions even though we were thousands of miles away from our families and friends.

Happy New Year and thank you again for always making us feel welcome and for creating another set of Jewish friends and family to celebrate the holiday with in Halifax.

Best wishes,

Amy S.

Hi Bassie,

Thanks so much for this morning...i could plutz eating the rugeleh...I'm being very good and saving most of it for Jason though.                                                          
                                     Ben thoroughly enjoyed his challey roll on the walk home from preschool, and this afternoon we will do the craft.             Thanks for sending me off with so many goodies!!  It  was a great program, I wish ben had been there, next time hopefully.                                                                                               See you friday night at the Tot Shabbat dinner.


Beautiful website!!  Keep up the good work!!
I too love the rugalah!!  Make sure Robyn does not eat them all!

All the best,

C. & H. P.


Hi Bassie & Rabbi,

I hope things are well!!  I am doing very well here and kept busy with all
my work.  We have just finished one Kosher cruise and started another
one today.  I don't know if you have heard of the name Dudu Fisher, but he was an entertainer last week.  I just finished a rehearsal with a man named Mordechai Ben David, apparently he is very famous for his hasidic music.

Well as you probably already know, I have been putting on teffilin for the
last week and this as well.  You and Mendy should look into coming onto the Kosher cruise.  It is very nice, and the ship accommodates everyone for Shabbat.

Well give my regards to your boys, and Mendy,

take care & all the best,

__ Manager
____ Cruises

Dear Mrs Feldman

Many thanks for the dinners you prepared for me. You did an excellent job and I'm appreciative of your trouble to produce vegan meals. It's a wonderful service you provide.

With thanks and regards,
David B.

Dear Rabbi Feldman,

Thanks for a Great lesson, sorry I'd had to run out, but I'm crazy busy at work.
I'll see you Friday Night
Thanks again,

  Bassie & Mendy,

Thanks again for the business, it is very much appreciated and I am glad that you continue to like my work!!!

Your party was a big success and you definitely put a smile on my kid’s faces! Just don’t mention parrots!

All the best,

Thank you very much,

Mendy and Bassie... Matis and Thali spoke very highly of you and it sounds like they had a happy and restful shabbos.

Till next time, take care, and thanks again for going out of your way for us.

Tour Manager



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