In January 1995, Rabbi Mendel & Bassie Feldman settled in Halifax, Nova Scotia as Shluchim to the Maritime provinces.  They established Chabad Lubavitch of the Maritimes to service the Jews of Nova Scotia and the surrounding provinces. Their commitment remains to uphold and further the values of the Maritime's Jewish communities.
With an astute eye on the future and abounded energy,
optimism and dedication, programs were and continue to be initiated throughout the year.

To meet the specific needs of the various elements of our community a variety of programming has been implemented.  There are events and activities for babies and toddlers, youth, students, adults and the elderly,affiliated and the unaffiliated so that all can be properly served. Employing a wide range of creative and often-unorthodox methods to achieve our goals of strengthening the moral, social and spiritual fabric of Jewish family life, we help people find meaning, fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness.

Today, Chabad is conveniently located downtown in the heart of the city and in easy access of the numerous Jewish students studying in the area universities.  In response to the growing number of these students Chabad provides weekly Shabbat home-cooked dinners, holiday and study programs in a most pleasant setting.  Our multi-purpose facility serves as the centre for their physical and spiritual needs.  

With community support and the help of local individuals who generously contribute to meet our financial requirements, Chabad has blossomed.  

Our mandate is to make the soul shine, to bring the light of Judaism into the lives of Jews of all walks of life, enhancing the quality of Jewish life in the Maritimes.

We're here for you.
Feel free to call us any time.

Rabbi Mendel & Bassie Feldman

Chabad Lubavitch Ohr Yaakov
1171 Waterloo Street 
Halifax, Nova Scotia 
B3H 3L6 
(902) 42-CHABAD/422-4222

email: [email protected]                            

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