Chabad Kosher Delights 

Chabad provides Kosher take-out by order. To place an order call Bassie @ (902) 422-4222 or email [email protected]. Place orders as soon as possible to ensure best possible service.  Click Here for the menu.


East Coast Bakery

East Coast Bakery sells Challah (after 11am), cookies & bagels. - All Pas Yisroel and Parve

6257 Quinpool Road

(902) 429-6257

Hours: 7am - 3pm


 Bishop’s Cellar

Bishop’s Cellar sells a small section of Kosher wines.

1477 Lower Water Street

(902) 490-2675



Sobeys, sells Kosher frozen chicken & meat as well as dairy (some marked chalav yisroel). There is also a dry goods section & freezer section.
The dairy fridge contains packaged smoked meat.

Frozen meat & chicken is in a designated bunker (centre chest-style freezer) near the non-kosher meat.
Dairy & smoked meat & freezer section are located near the front on the store check-out and the dry goods are across this fridge/freezer.

1120 Queen Street

(902) 422-9884